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5G Edge Cloud Service With AWS

In South Korea, on Thursday  SK Telecom has inaugurated its new 5G edge cloud service, which can be said SKT 5GX Edge with the implant contribution of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Wavelength. The Telco said that by this inauguration, now users will be allowed to create mobile apps with an extremely-low latency period, enabling them to learn machines, affiliates of streaming, things as well as games. It has been said by Telco that the purpose of this service is to allow the Cloud approaching apps to disregard the internet and zonal websites, with the advantage of rapidly approaching the data center of SK Telecom. This will help customers to take full advantage of offers that will be provided by Ultra-Low latency 5G networks and bandwidth.

5G edge cloud service with AWS

5G edge cloud service with AWs The AWS Wavelength Zone has been first inaugurated in Daejeon City. By the next year, it will be lengthened to another region including Seoul.

Telco said that from February, SK Telecom and AWS have been cooperating to contribute with commercial services of AWS Wavelength after experienced it with 20 customers.

The collaboration also includes testing of 5G portable edge firing for the Convenience Application Organization Wow Brothers' self-sufficient Convenience Robot Daily Drive.

These two are also making efforts to lessen the Latency of online meetings. That’s why they are connecting with Gooroomee a concurrent video communication firm. This effort helps them to succeed in reducing the latency up to below 100ms.

To enhance the e-commerce business carrier, SK telecom and Amazon has launched a capital investment agreement, they have announced it Last Month. The Amazon products will be accessible in the online shopping subsidiary of SK Telecom under this agreement.