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Always In Your Field Of Vision, Amazon Echo Show 10 In The Test

You can now order it in white or black: For 249.99 euros you can get the brand new third-generation Echo Show 10 from Amazon (on offer) and various other retailers. And this device is really a quantum leap compared to its predecessors! This is obvious at first glance: the display was removed from the core device and now hangs on a motorized arm - floating over the loudspeaker unit, so to speak.
This display follows you or your voice when you interact with Alexa, say the buzzword (Alexa computer Amazon). The 10.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels rotates as if by magic and almost silently. In the test, we were always able to see the content on the display without any problems. The show also followed us (after we had spoken to him beforehand), then a little more if we didn't say anything, because he also listens for movement noises. If you want to prevent this, you should work on your ninja moves - or change the display rotation in the menu. You can choose between permanent tracking, tracking only during phone calls, video playback or tracking only on request: "Alexa, follow me" then ensures that the show turns to you and stays on your heels.

Needs space

The setup of the Show 10 is generally quite quick. You connect it to the power supply, select your WiFi network after booting, enter the appropriate password and then link your Amazon account. Then calibrate the swivel radius of the display - at least if you operate the device near a wall or other obstacles. Amazon also includes a very old-school paper template with which you can position the device at the correct distance to all supposed collision objects. Then you and the Echo Show 10 are ready to go.

Sounds good

The tone of the third generation Show 10 is good, but not great. The device is ideal for one or the other song in between. But if you want to concentrate fully on enjoying music, you will not be happy here. A 76 mm woofer and two 25 mm tweeters provide the sound, whereby the latter, like the display, always rotates towards the user in order to offer them the best sound. Overall, we would have preferred more bass. All in all, the Echo Show 10 is quite suitable for listening to music. If you want more, you can connect a speaker via Bluetooth.

Video surveillance included

Of course, you can use the Echo Show to conduct video calls to another show device, and video chats via Skype are also supported. If you activate it, you also have direct access to the camera of the Echo Show 10 via the Amazon Alexa app (iOS and Android). You can zoom in on the image, which also allows a certain level of detail thanks to the 13 megapixel resolution . In addition, the camera can be swiveled remotely - so you have the entire room in view. Since you also have access to the microphone and speakers via the app, you can interact with someone in the room.
More features
The show's camera can be covered with a mechanical flap - so it goes blind. The microphones can also be switched off. The Show 10 connects to your network via WLAN-ac. It also offers a smart home hub that can control connected devices via Zigbee radio - such as Philips Hue lights. Otherwise, the third generation Echo Show 10 can do everything that all Alexa devices can: It is a knowledge center, database, joke counter, smart home control, jukebox and much more.