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Australian Department Of Christmas Affairs

The Government of Australia put efforts to raise the delighters and happiness of Christmas for now and succeeding generations, for that purpose they gave an administrative order to legally create a department of Christmas Affairs (DCA). This department was created on 25th December 2018.
No doubt that this department is nothing more than an imagination. Millie Clery and Clayton Smith who are actually two former government employees, Consultants are running the website of this department. They were accused of using the land to get something that could be really helpful.

Australian Department of Christmas Affairs

Last Month, Cleary and Smith certainly did. While speaking at the Digital Transformation Agency's Disruption and Change Digital Summit, these two went on to explain how they stood in the wrong department, which includes a website and data and analytics network compliance enforcement register. Maintaining and Running- Dancer. What really matters is the naughty or virtuous list.

While explaining the duties of DCA, Smith said that:
“The DCA is in charge of covering all aspects of Christmas season responsibilities, from gift preparation coordination, explosive transport security and Christmas Eve assistance to mischievous processing, enforcement, and rehabilitation activities.”
Moreover, Smith said that instead it is a new department but DCA considers that it had a big issue that it was handling all this in past.

Clery noticed to make DCA an aspiring digital transformation agenda, in some aspects, DCA Needs to modernize. She also said that even now the children were writing paper letters to Santa Clause for the demand of their Christmas gifts and without an online reporting mechanism, parents were still reporting misconduct to their local Elf Enforcement Officers.

The DCA notice a need for a departmental website so that they would be able to communicate with the public in primary methods.

The Australian government then makes struggles for making a source that would allow department members and the public to approach the dancer, making objections about gifts and viewing the behavior list before Santa’s yearly visit. That’s why the Australian government went on to find the supplier that would design, build, and maintain the public website.

Cleary and Smith were the chosen couple.

Smith remarked that “we stepped upon the first build, filled with uncertainly like a drunken uncle with a pint of glass full of eggnog. All the steps went on finely, we firstly bought a domain name, using the existing hosting platform of Millie we set up the environment and signed all the list of discovered tools for the third party that we have recommended in the discovery phase, then we moved toward building a beta site, making user interface, preparing content and improving basic features. "