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Bluetooth Box For 30 Euros: Anker SoundCore 2 In The Amazon Deal

If your new boombox should sound good and also have a decent battery, you can take a look at the Anker SoundCore 2, which is not one of the latest Bluetooth boxes, but currently only costs just under 36 euros in the Amazon deal. In the video: How to make the right decision when buying a Bluetooth box.
If you want to take your music outside with you and supply your surroundings with beats as well, a Bluetooth box with a thick battery that is protected against water splashes is always the best choice. But if the budget is a bit tight, it is worth looking for older but good models.
Amazon has once again reduced the Anker SoundCore 2 to 29.99 euros including shipping (click here for the Amazon deal ).
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Anker SoundCore 2: Product details

The Anker SoundCore 2 is the newer, subtly pimped version of the first SoundCore and meanwhile it costs only slightly more than the very first model (due to new models available). The Bluetooth speaker is offered in today's Anker daily offer on Amazon in the black version for 29.99 euros - this is currently the cheapest price for which you can get it online.
The SoundCore has two six watt drivers. According to the manufacturer, the battery life is up to 24 hours and it is possible to supply the speaker with music via Bluetooth 4.2, but also via the included jack cable or USB connection. The SoundCore 2 is robust enough for outdoor use, sufficiently waterproof and, thanks to the integrated microphone, is also suitable as a hands-free device. Anker Soundcore 2 • 12 watts • up to 24h battery life • waterproof • 358 grams The SoundCore 2 was also released a few years ago, but the somewhat more recent version of the Anker SoundCore is also popular with Amazon customers: With 60,825 customer reviews, the device was able to collect an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars, with the pleasant, bass-heavy one above all Sound, the good battery performance and the great price-performance ratio are praised.

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Bluetooth speakers helps you to play your favorite music anywhere - whether in the living room, in the bathroom or on the terrace. The mobile speakers should not only sound better they should also support important transmission standards, be easy to use and, above all, have a long battery life. In our CHIP purchase advice you will not only find out which details you have to pay attention to when buying a Bluetooth box, we have also tested some of the devices and present you a selection of the best in advance in this overview: