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Its show the democratizing of data access and highlights and business opportunity by accelerating digital initiatives.  Covid-19 and its impact on the enterprise. About 37% of organizations have the skills to keep increasing digital projects during Covid19. 51% of IT innovation about business users frustrated by the speed at which they deliver projects. 68% of respondents think combining the business and IT to drive innovation.82% of employees agree but they need easy data access and IT capabilities to deliver products faster.54% of users frustrated by distinct connecting IT systems and data sources. This report much aligned with 8 digital transformation trends of 2021 Salesforce. A CIO enables to partner with business teams to positioning the companies by delivering products and customer values. Jo-ann Olsovsky, EVP, and CIO:

Report summary:

Most Lob users are identifying and creating new ways to improve their delivery services. Covid-19 increases the digital significant operational efficiencies but lack skills connectivity.

Citizens’ integration ready to drive innovation:

Technical skills are essential for business success. According to a recent survey of Fortune 5000 CEOs, 63% said that crisis accelerates their digital transformation, every industry face changes and need the right way to make their delivery fast than ever. Organizations need to decentralize and design for a broader workforce mind, where different groups freely secure and access data, while leveraging to eliminate manual processes (import spreadsheet to their boot productivity to drive operational efficiency). ------Brent Hayward CEO, Mulesoft.

The organization needs new operating ideas to make delivery fast:

About 58% of Lob users firmly agree that IT leaders have less time to drive digital innovation, but at the same time, 42% believed that IT is a blocker of innovation, so growth must be addressed by all CIOs. Google's latest smartphones isn’t a new flagship device; its Pixel A4, a budget model of last year’s Pixel A.Its owner won’t be wowed by its features and design. CIO must embrace the city's development and find a way to accelerate the scales delivery. Innovation based on Lob Leaders. Only 37% are confident to increase their innovation levels through their skills, but 63% are not confidently known rather they will keep pace.