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Chrome Targeted By Criminals: Why Users Need To Update Quickly Now

Cyber criminals are currently exploiting a security flaw in Google Chrome. This could cause malicious software to land on your PC. Read here how you can protect yourself.
The Google Chrome browser is currently struggling with some security flaws. In a blog post, Google warns of a total of seven vulnerabilities, the majority of which are classified as "high" threats to users. The security holes have been closed in the current version of Chrome for Windows, Linux and macOS. If you have installed Chrome version 90.0.4430.85, it can no longer be used.
We have summarized for you how you can quickly find out your Chrome version under the link. If you have installed an older version of the browser, you should urgently carry out an update. You can find the download of the new version under these lines.
Smartphone users don't have to worry about the security gap. For the time being, Google didn't have to take any security measures.

Chrome: Security hole apparently not exploited so far

The security gap probably remained undetected by cyber criminals for the time being. So far, nothing is known about cases in which this error was exploited. How exactly the loophole could be exploited has not yet been revealed by Google. Until all users can be provided with the update, this information usually remains under lock and key. Otherwise the loopholes could still be exploited by criminals.
In the last few weeks and months, Google had been fixing an increasing number of Chrome's security problems. So-called bug hunters help with this. These are free programmers who put Chrome through its paces on their own initiative. If you discover an error, you can report it to Google. If this closes a gap, there will be a cash reward.