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Clever Photo Viewer For Mobile Phones And PCs To Sort Pictures By Color

If you want to sort your photo collection according to similarity in motifs and colors, you can use a whole range of tools. We present a selection of picture viewers for Windows, Mac and iOS that sort your pictures by color.
A picture of the sunset, the beach holiday or family celebrations: If you have a large picture collection, you often look for a needle in a haystack when looking for a particular motif. It becomes even more difficult when it also has to be the right color, for example for a color-coordinated wall collage.
The solution is offered by some smart image viewers: The tools sort images according to their similarity - both in terms of motif and color. So if you want to sort and search your photos by color, you can use such photo viewers. In the following, we present a selection of such free tools for Windows, macOS and iOS.
Source: Offer from BestCheck.de
Book for high quality photo enjoyment
The market leader Cewe impresses with a very well-engineered product, which, however, also has its price. The books made of photo paper appeal with their very good image quality and good workmanship. With the flexible design software, creative ideas can be implemented very well.
For Windows: ImageX sorts your photos by color
ImageX automatically sorts your image collection according to similar images. Whether warm sunsets or cool snow photos: Images in similar situations and with the same color scheme are ideal for color-coordinated collages. If you want to hang a maritime wall collage from your own pictures in your living room, you don't have to torment yourself through your entire photo collection.
With the free ImageX software from the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin (HTW Berlin for short), you can load your image collection into the tool once. The photos are then analyzed and sorted by color in an overview grid. You can then swipe through the gallery with the mouse to go from blue coastal photos to red sunsets. ImageX 0.1.2
The free tool ImageX is an image viewer that sorts your photos according to color and similar motifs. For Mac users: PicArrange
PicArrange sorts images on your Mac by similarity.
HTW Berlin has also developed corresponding software for Mac users. PicArrange searches for images with the same colors in order to then display them next to each other. In addition to this visual sorting, you can also use the tool to conduct a more targeted similarity search.
All you have to do is select one or more sample images - PicArrange then searches for photos that exactly resemble these images. You can also search specifically for duplicates and remove them immediately thanks to the integrated delete function. The tool can also be used to copy images or to open the storage location. PicArrange for macOS 2.0
PicArrange is a free macOS software with which you can quickly find any photos and sort out duplicates.
For iOS: Kiano
Clear photo gallery on the smartphone: Kiano shows all images sorted by color.
If you manage your photo collection on your iPhone, you don't have to rely on the pre-installed gallery. You can also install additional image viewers here.
The iOS app Kiano shows all the pictures in your gallery sorted by color or motif on a picture card . The perspective can be changed, navigation through the image collection is easy with a swipe gesture. In addition, the images can also be displayed in list form, for example sorted according to the date they were taken. A targeted similarity search is also on board.