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Does IOS 14.5 Update Repair Notifications And Battery Problems?

iOS 14 suffered from a few well-known bugs. Does the new version, iOS 14.5, eliminate these little glitches?
iOS 14 was one of those bug-plagued versions of Apple's mobile operating system that caused problems for some users from day one. Battery and notifications issues in the first place. And the question that readers have been asking me over the last few days is, does iOS version 14.5 fix these issues?
Let's start with the battery.
Overall, opinions seem divided, with some claiming that iOS 14.5 does not make the situation worse. Others see an improvement in its autonomy.
A matter of luck...
For my part, I see a small improvement but nothing obvious.
Some users may have noticed that iOS 14.5 has a battery optimization mechanism for iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max users.
Looking at support forums and social media, it seems for many that the optimization process is underway (I'm in that category, and Apple says it can take weeks). For those for whom the process is over, some say their battery is now wearing out less. But for others, it wears out more than before.
Do not delay the installation of this update
For notification issues, the barometer I use is the support page on the Apple website.
The consensus is: iOS 14.5 does nothing to solve the notification problem. The best method for users to resolve these issues is to turn off Bluetooth. This is not a good long term solution, and it is not guaranteed by Apple. I thought I found the cause of this problem: for about a day after installing iOS 14.5, notifications arrived late. But luckily (for me) a simple restart was enough to fix this problem.
Since iOS 14.5 fixes 50 security bugs some of which are already being used by hackers, it seems like a bad idea to delay the installation of this update, especially since this version was published a few days ago now, and no spectacular bug has appeared.