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Explain The Major Frustration On LastPass

There is a technical issue with LastPass. The incident would impact accounts dating back to 2014 or earlier. LastPass password manager failure affects some users, who for several days have been unable to log into their account or use the password autofill features.
User complaints have flooded Twitter, the LastPass forum, Reddit, and DownDetector. They report the following error: “An error occurred while contacting the LastPass server. Please try again later ".

Both individuals and businesses are affected.

From what we can read on these various media, LastPass support has not reacted and has denied any technical incident. The problem has been reported by affected users for three days, but still, no update to the "service status" page to report it, nor any explanation or assistance provided.

Angry users

“The fact that LastPass is denying on Twitter that there is an outage as several people report server issues and get stuck with no response from the support means we have to make do,” one user said on Reddit. “The worst is not the failure itself, but the lack of response. You have to be able to trust your password manager ... that's no longer my case ”.

"@LastPass Help me, I can't log in, I have these errors:

On your site:" There was an error connecting to the LastPass server. Please try again later. »
On the Chrome extension, no error but I cannot log in.
On Windows, here is the screenshot pic.twitter.com/n2ggS5DWuS »
“@LastPassStatus should be updated as the attestation servers have been having problems all weekend." You are right. I give them until tomorrow. If they still don't respond, I delete my account and get down to the difficult task of rebuilding my password manager on 1Password. To believe that LastPass was bought by LogMeIn. The quality of service has dropped considerably. "

A problem that affects the oldest accounts?

According to some users on Twitter, the issues appear to only affect users with LastPass accounts dating back to 2014 or earlier.
"I got a response from LastPass Support suggesting that I clear my cache ... @! $ # On multiple browsers, multiple devices ... I have the same problem everywhere!" One thing that strikes me as curious is that it seems to only happen to people who have been using LastPass for a while? I have had my account since 2014. "
On DownDetector, a company spokesperson said the company is still investigating the incident, saying there is no glaring problem with its servers - suggesting the roots of the outage could be. software. We are aware of and are actively investigating what has been reported to us from some LastPass customers who are having issues and receiving errors when trying to log in. So far, no service issues have been identified. Contacted by ZDNet, the company described the outage as "an isolated problem with limited impact" and said "engineers are working on fixing the problem."