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Free Nero Program: This Full Version Saves Your Time When Copying Data

If you want to synchronize many files on several external storage media, you have to initiate the copying process manually in Windows Explorer. That takes what feels like an eternity, especially with large amounts of data. We are therefore giving away a special full version of Nero for a short time, which speeds up this considerably.
I can still remember the first time a classmate gave me a USB stick with an unbelievable 256 megabyte capacity.Thinkingly, it was amazed because you no longer had to burn everything on CD. Even today, USB sticks are a practical tool in everyday computer life - all the more since they now easily have 64 gigabytes or more of storage space.
The Nero tool USBxCopy promises you more control over all sticks. The program allows you to manage multiple external storage media, including USB hard drives, to reformat and much more in one go. CHIP gave away the full version only for a short time. The action has now expired. If you don't want to miss any more download campaigns, subscribe to the CHIP download newsletter .
Full version: Nero USBxCopy
With the full version of "Nero USBxCopy" you can manage several external storage media such as USB sticks at the same time.
Simple data management on external storage
With Nero USBxCopy you can format several USB sticks at the same time.
The low price of USB sticks makes it possible to give them away as gifts. For example, if you want to distribute a photo collection or videos to several people, the copying effort is relatively high. The situation is similar when you prepare a presentation and information material for several customers.
In the Nero USBxCopy overview you can see all the sticks plugged in and their current " fill status ". Additional information such as the file system used also help. If you want to change this, you can do so using the "Format of the USB stick" function. There are several to choose from: FAT32 was very common in the past, but then only files up to four gigabytes can be saved. This limitation does not apply to NTFS, which is why this file system is often used on external hard drives. Again, there is the problem that these cannot be opened with Mac OS.
In such a case, it is best to select exFAT as the file system. There is no limit to the file size. With a click on the green "Start" button at the bottom left, all connected USB devices will be reformatted. Attention: All data will be deleted! So back them up on your computer beforehand.