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Gifts For Cyber Security Professionals

Hackings are mostly related to criminal attacks, especially for younger’s it’s become more essential to distinguish between White or Black activities. Today’s Cyber attacking increase more and we need some professional and ethical hackers to secure our dally service Here we created a list of some themed gifts relating to this profession :  Gifts for Cyber Security Professionals

Hacker Playbook 3, Practically Guide to Penetration testing

If you show interest in activities of Cybersecurity including the history of hacking the Playbook 3 is one of the best places authored by Peter Kim.

Sandworm :

It is another book (themed gift). It is a new Era of Cyberwar hunt for some dangerous hacking. It is written by Andy Greenberg he explores the cyberattacks and posts to national and global security.

Raspberry Pi 400 :

Raspberry Pi 400 is the latest model of tiny PC suitable for starting out programming. It required 4 GB RAM and budget-friendly is come in keyboard format.

 WiFi Pineapple Mark VII :

It is suitable for those who interested in network security. It is a serious piece of kit automation of WiFi.This device also has features of useful apps that starter product enterprises the redlines and remote access capabilities.

Hacker themed Clothing :

As a gift of the new year, the companies offer a wide range of clothing including men and women with Cybersecurityslogans, cartoons, and quotes.

 Hacker Boxes :

Hacker boxes is an amusing idea and somebody could not keep to hacked next for few months but also it can provide some challenges themselves. A gift subscription also offers project components, tools, and items ranging from PCBs transmitter and capacitors.

 KerberosSDR :

 It is a radio kit and uses custom software to operate. It used for applications that include radio finding direction, radar applications. Itis for radio signal exploration.

 HackRF one bundle :

It acting like a computer sound card a signal enthusiasts and interact with radio signals transmitted by Bluetooth.WiFi and other mobile devices.

Ubertooth one :

It is a pocket platform for Bluetooth investigation based on the open-source of 2.4GHz wireless development platform. Bluetooth monitor and communication sniffer built around the arm Cortex-M3 microcontroller.

Hak5 Essential Field Kit :

This kit should be an investment item that contains everything that hackers need to get started.  Hak5 bundle includes a WiFi Pineapple, USB Rubber Ducky, Shark Jack, Packet Squirrel, and a variety of cables and other accessories.