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Google Will Allow Soon The IPhone Users To Use Google Fi VPN

Google is rolling out its bundled VPN for iPhone users on its Fi network starting next spring and announcing new security features for its users.
Google just announced the improved performance of its VPN Fi and released it in beta for Android phone users. “This means that you can enjoy the benefits of VPN while getting a faster and stronger connection between your apps and services,” Google notes.
Apple's iPhone will also come with coverage for all Google Fi users. "We plan to roll out the VPN on the iPhone starting in the spring," Google notes. The web giant is also bringing its privacy and security center to Android devices, giving users a shortcut to features available to Android users, like its VPN.
Finally, Fi users can expect free spam call alerts and block, to stop identified thefts and scams. The company is also stepping up its action to protect users against "SIM swapping" scams.

Security improvements

“Your Fi number is linked to your Google account and comes with security features that protect your phone number against threats like SIM swapping. With this technique, criminals take a phone number and assign it to another SIM card without the consent of its owner”, explains Google. “On Fi, you get additional layers of protection by default, including a robust account recovery process and suspicious activity notifications. You can also activate the two-step verification for more protection”, further notes the American giant.
Remember that VPNs are convenient, as long as you trust the service provider to route your traffic securely to their servers. The key question is whether, as the owner of a device, you trust the service provider. VPNs aren't foolproof, but they work well enough in many situations, such as if you need to access your online bank account or Gmail at an airport. In general, a decent VPN comes at a certain cost, but Google sets it up with its high-speed Fi service to provide a shield, both against cyber attackers and marketers using a device's IP address for it, to follow.