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Here Are New Landing Stations For Your Google Chromebook

New Chromebook docking stations, certified by Google, are coming to make hybrid work easier, partly in the office and partly at home.
Google is adding docking stations to its line of peripherals as part of its "Works with Chromebook" certification program. These new certified docking stations are offered by Targus, Hyper, Acer, Belkin and StarTech.com, with more to come, according to Google.
Google launched its Works With Chromebook program in March 2020 for a variety of accessories, including chargers, cables, headsets, keyboards, webcams, and mice. The company tests them to make sure they meet Chromebook compatibility standards. The program now includes docking stations which Google says will be useful to employees who work from home and office, alternately.
Google said this week that it expects 20% of its employees to telecommute now, but most of them will spend about three days in the office and two days "where they work best." Google told that it expects about 60% of its approximately 130,000 employees to meet with their team in the office a few days a week. 20% will work from different sites, and the last 20% will work remotely.
Upgrading for teleworking
Security has become a bigger issue for employees using devices at home that are not connected to the corporate network and may not receive the latest security patches.
According to Google, the new docking stations will benefit from automatic firmware updates with updates to Chrome OS.
The more powerful certified docks will be able to connect three external displays via HDMI, DP or USB-C, while the smaller docks will be able to connect to an external HDMI display. Google specifies that these certified docking stations are also compatible with Windows and Mac.
“When you see the Works with Chromebook badge on devices, you can be sure that they have been tested and validated to work seamlessly with current and future Chrome OS devices,” says Ngo, a Works with Chromebook program manager. .