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How To Optimize Your Use Of IOS Applications?

Using an application on iOS, nothing could be simpler. You click on it, and you use the functionality that interests you in the application. What if I told you that you can do it even faster?
Using an application on iOS, it seems simple: you click on it, then you use the application as you wish. But it turns out that you can use your apps in other ways. And it may even be that just launching it isn't the best way to use an app.
There is a trick on iOS to really optimize the interaction with certain applications. Unfortunately, most of the users are not familiar with it because it is not that obvious.
So here are a few examples, starting with a popular feature: How to take a selfie faster?
Take a selfie ... and much more
So you want to take a selfie, what do you do? Launch the Camera app, turn the camera around and take a selfie? Good idea, but it gets faster.
Tap and hold on the Camera app. A context menu with several options then appears, and you can choose "Take a selfie" in particular. So, the settings are already together for your selfie, all you have to do is smile and press the button!
In fact, most Apple apps have a context menu with shortcuts ... here are some examples:
Most useful
Among the most useful, I still recommend the shortcut to App Store updates:
Sometimes it's a little less useful, I grant you...
But be aware that these menus are not the preserve of Apple applications. Lots of third-party apps are full of handy shortcuts, which can be really useful and often a lot faster than opening the app manually and then finding the feature you're interested in.
Some have super useful functions and display information, like the Widgets feature:
A new way to navigate
Convenient, isn't it? But since no one is perfect, I noticed two drawbacks to this tip. The first is that it is impossible to know that an application offers this option without trying to display the menu in question. The second is that developers can modify or remove these shortcuts during their updates. So if you get used to a certain level of fluency ... tell yourself that can change.
My advice is to learn how to use these shortcuts gradually. The best is yet to find out what your favorite apps have to offer, and start there. Find yourself some favorite functions, and start to launch them that way to get used to. Once you get used to it, you will see that you have discovered a new way to use your iPhone and that there are still plenty of new shortcuts to discover...