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Innovation In Samsung Electronics

It will commercially lunch 110-inch TV LED pre-orders will begin at end of December and official sales will start in the first quarter of 2021. Samsung did not show their product prices while others such as the US and European markets show the highest interest in these models. Choi-Young hoons as a president of Samsung’s said in a virtual press conference that Liquid crystal LED are expensive when they first introduce They said Samsung gets positioned by producing Micro LED TVs, but its price got down because different companies produce TV with modern technology.

Phone 12 events:

Apple announced the high-speed event in 2020. Apple exposes the more anticipated 5G iPhone’12 company at Oct,13 high speed, this is the first iPhone that released 5G phone in 2020, Samsung galaxyS20, Google pixel 5 or pixel A4. It firstly exposes its Micro LED for home CES in 2020.75,88 and 93 inches size are available. The South Korea Company unveiled its Micro LED in 2018 model called “The Wall”.

Samsung claimed:

Its Micro LEDs have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours over a decade. They express 100% DCL and Adobe RGB colors gamut.110-inches LED has a 99.99% screen ratio and completely bezel-less. Micro AL processor delivers 4K HDR contents. Its also embedded sound system offer 5.1 ratio sound channel without needed external speakers. Its president confirmed that MiniLEDs is lunch as part of its QLED brand of LCD TVs next year. Mini LEDs are less sophisticated and completely different technology. It is LSD TVs where the backlight is comprised of micro-meter sized LED chips.