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Is Your IOS Iphone’s Speed Is Slow? Check Your Phone Storage

There are a number of reasons that iPhone can slow down, including battery condition. If not, check your storage. You could easily and for free give it a second youth.
The other day someone handed me their iPhone, claiming that it was so slow it was almost unusable. “The battery doesn't hold up either,” she added grimly.
She offered to "do my thing and take it apart" as she began to raise the funds to buy a new device. She walked away with an iPhone that, in her words, "worked like new."

Check the battery condition

There are many reasons an iPhone can be slow. For starters, a worn out battery causes the processor to slow down, and that's a common problem. So this is one of the first things to check.
So I took a look at the iPhone 8 plus in question. He's not that old. Its owner has bought it new in the past three years, and it is in good condition.
According to iOS, the battery is in good condition. The CoconutBattery app confirms the facts: The battery is just over half of its 500 charge cycles.
The battery is therefore not the cause of the problem.

Low storage space

Then I noticed the problem: the iPhone had very little free space - well under 1 GB. The device was constantly working between apps and data in order to free up space for updates. .
All of this is because iOS is smart. In fact, if you run out of space, the mobile operating system automatically frees up storage space for you to install an app or update iOS. It even tries to make room when you download music, take photos, or record videos. iOS only moves the items you don't need or the items that can be downloaded again, but the process is system-intensive and consumes more battery.
And that's what was going on here. With less than 600MB of free storage space (Apple considers 1GB of free space to be low storage space), the iPhone had to juggle data and free space.

A little housework

The solution was then simple: after deleting a few games and unnecessary photos / videos (in fact a lot), it was enough to connect the iPhone to a broadband network so that it could perform all the updates that it needed. He was trying to do.
After a quick restart, the iPhone was working perfectly again. Another device saved from the trash.