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MicrosoftTeams Introduces The Whiteboard Feature

Microsoft is adding its Whiteboard collaboration app to its Teams platform, which will also soon be available on Android devices.
Microsoft has released a public preview of its Whiteboard inking collaborative app, for Android devices, and its Teams collaboration platform.
Microsoft Whiteboard is a collaboration app, once reserved for visual communication between Windows 10 devices. Today, it's making its way to Android devices and Microsoft Teams channels and chats in a public preview.
Teams users can create a "whiteboard" linked to a Teams channel or discussion. According to Microsoft, this tool can be useful for long-term projects and discussions. Different members of a single group, such as a school, marketing department, or engineering group, can update the whiteboard over time and use it to collaborate on projects.
There is a "+" button at the top of Teams channels and chats, to add a new tab. From there, users can search for the term Whiteboard and activate a new one.

Availability on Android

Microsoft has also released a preview of the Whiteboard app, on the Google Play Store, for Android devices. The Whiteboard app for iOS was rolled out in 2018, and it was later supplemented with new stickers and text objects. This app could find its place if used by schools with Teams for distance education, sometimes needed today. It can be used for tasks like sharing notes and sketching out ideas or lesson plans.
“Designed for touch, type, and pen, it lets you write or draw as easily as with ink while adding text and sticky notes that you can type/annotate on. It improves teamwork by allowing all members to edit and comment directly on the web in real-time, wherever they are. And all your work stays safe in the cloud, ready to be retrieved from another location or device,” Microsoft explains in its application description.
The addition of Whiteboard for Android and Teams devices complements Microsoft's plans to make it a collaboration app across all platforms. Android device users must have Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later. Whiteboard for Android also requires login with a Work or School account.