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Mozilla Includes New Elements To Its VPN Submission

Firefox publisher Mozilla has just added new features to its VPN, which could soon be available in France. Mozilla, the publisher of the Firefox browser, has just launched two new features to enhance its virtual private network (VPN) offer.
Launched last year at a monthly price of $ 5, this offer is currently only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia. However, this could quickly change, with Mozilla's management currently working on a launch in other countries in spring 2021, without however specifying whether France would be concerned.
What's new, Mozilla's VPN now warns users when they've joined a network that doesn't require a password or uses weak encryption. Notification on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS lets users know they're on an insecure network, which can come in handy as health restrictions ease and people start over more and more to travel.

Access to the local network

On the home front, Mozilla adds access to the local network, to allow devices to communicate with each other while the VPN is still active. Users must check a box in the network settings when connected to a home network.
“Every now and then, you may need to print out forms for an upcoming doctor's visit or your children's worksheets to keep them busy,” Mozilla notes. “Now we've added LAN access, so your devices can communicate with each other without having to turn off your VPN. Just make sure the box is checked in the network settings when you are on your home network. This feature is available on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android platforms,”says the publisher of Firefox.
In a very crowded VPN market, Mozilla hopes to stand out by offering fast browsing. Mozilla management recently explained that its VPN is based on the 4,000 lines of code in the Wire Guard protocol, which it says is only a fraction of the size of existing protocols used by other VPN service providers.