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Only Today: Google Is Giving Away A 20 Euro Scanner App

If you don't have a scanner at home, you can use scanner apps for Android and iOS. A large selection of such applications can be found in the Google Play Store. The "SkanApp Document Scanner" app is currently being given away there. Nevertheless, we would rather recommend alternatives.
The digitization of documents is essential in everyday office life. At university, too, it can be useful to scan your notes and share them with fellow students. If you don't have a printer with a built-in scanner available, you can switch to document scanner apps. Thanks to the excellent cameras of many Smartphone’s, they can reliably capture documents.
The Android app SkanApp document scanner is currently being given away in the Google Play Store , which automatically converts photos into PDF files and saves them in the cloud if necessary. If you are fast, you save the regular retail price of a whopping 19.99 Euros
Please note that we can only reflect the current status of such a free campaign and that we have no influence on the developers' decisions to end them earlier. In downloading case you should always check whether the offer is still valid at that moment.

Full version: SkanApp document scanner - Android app 4.39

With the SkanApp app, you can scan documents with your Smartphone in no time at all. The full version is currently being given away - you save just under 20 Euros.

Better alternatives: Top document scanners for Android and iOS

The SkanApp document scanner has some useful functions, but requires special handling in order to get optimal results. The manufacturer recommends attaching a holder above the document in order to attach the smartphone to it. The app also requires many authorizations, some of which are not necessary, and the user interface is anything but intuitive.
The range of scanner apps has meanwhile increased significantly. So if you prefer a more manageable operation, you will find enough alternatives in the Play Store and Apple App Store. Not all of them are really useful - the respective document should be easy to read and revised if necessary.