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Over 2,000 New Antennas: Vodafone Is Expanding The 5G Network

Vodafone has launched a major 5G offensive. More than 2,000 antennas were activated at the same time and are now available to more than 300 cities and municipalities.
Vodafone is pressing ahead with the expansion of 5G in Germany. As the company announced in a press release, 2,200 antennas were suddenly put into operation at the same time. In order to achieve this, technicians in more than 300 cities and municipalities have been preparing the big launch over the past few weeks. "We are above plan with 5G," said Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter. "In spite of the difficult start-up conditions, we are really stepping on the gas with the expansion. Germany is now one of the leaders in Europe for 5G and our network is continuing to grow."
5G can only be partially used
5G is currently particularly interesting for users in large cities.
In order to distribute the 5G network over large parts of the rural areas, Vodafone uses low-band frequencies. So from the mast, eight kilometers of 5G zones are to be created that supply customers with up to 200 Mbit per second. However, there is still a serious catch, especially for mobile customers.
So far, only a few smartphones have supported the low frequencies used by Vodafone. Not even the new iPhone models or the Samsung Galaxy S 21 series can handle the provider's 5G signal if it comes from the low-band range. For customers in rural areas, this means that there is a high probability that the smartphone will not be able to use 5G. In cities, however, the new mobile communications standard should be largely usable.