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Problems With The Last VLC Version: Quick Media Player Update Fixes Them

Over 3 billion users have already downloaded the popular VLC media player. VLC is now one of the tools that almost everyone has on their computers. An updated version of the open source software is now available.
For years it has been one of the most popular free tools and has billions of downloads: The free VLC media player is now available in version 3.0.14 . The update is available for Windows , Linux and probably soon also for macOS . To carry out the update, download the corresponding installer from the CHIP download area and follow the instructions.
The new version does not come with any great innovations, but only fixes two problems of the predecessor. But at least one of them belongs in the "really annoying" category: A bug in the auto updater prevented the latest version from being loaded there. With the small update, the developers correct the problem. You can look up the clear list of changes in the changelog .
Since the update to version 3.0.12, VLC has offered native support for the Apple silicon chipset in the new Macs and MacBooks. Our macOS download package contains both the previous version for the Intel chipset and the new ARM 64 version.
VLC media player for macOS 3.0.15
The free software "VLC media player" is a real multimedia all-rounder.
VLC media player for Linux 3.0.14
Download tip: the "VLC media player" for Linux is a real multimedia all-rounder.
New functions at VLC: The media player should be able to do this in the future VLC media player: Exciting functions are planned for the future.
The popular media player is not only being more developed under the hood. The VideoLAN developers have already revealed some exciting new features for the near future.
The open source media player will soon support Apple AirPlay naturaly. This could be used, for example, to stream videos from VLC on Android smartphones directly to an Apple TV or other devices with AirPlay support. In the future, VLC should also be able to watch traditional 2D films with the help of virtual reality glasses in a cinema mode.