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Reduce Energy Utilization: It Is A Free Tool To Saves Electricity On The PC

If you want to reduce the energy consumption of your computer with just a few clicks, you can now use a little helper. Because the slim AutoPowerOptionsOK tool automatically regulates the energy options of your Windows PC. There are many ways to optimize the energy consumption of your computer. It is a particularly unnecessary power hog. If the PC is idle and does not automatically go to sleep. Even the permanently switched on monitor can turn out to be particularly power-hungry.
The small tool AutoPowerOptionsOK wants to save electricity precisely at this point - without you having to do anything actively. Because the software automatically makes the appropriate energy settings. We'll show you how you can save electricity with the tool.
AutoPowerOptionsOK 4.11
With the free tool AutoPowerOptionsOK you can automatically adjust the energy options of your Windows PC in order to use less energy.
AutoPowerOptionsOK: Free tool optimizes your power consumption
AutoPowerOptionsOK: Reduce energy consumption with just a few clicks.
The operation of AutoPowerOptionsOK is easily explained: The monitor is automatically turned off when no keyboard input and / or mouse movement has taken place after a specified time you have. The little helper uses the same principle to put the computer to sleep. If desired, a message can also be displayed a few seconds or minutes beforehand.
Practical additional feature: If you have the tool in the notification area of the taskbar, you can go to the power and system settings of your Windows computer with one click. The PC can also be shut down, restarted, put into standby mode and much more in this way.
In addition to the normal route, which you can also take via the start menu, the tool also offers you the forced route. Here all programs are closed and the selected command, such as shutdown or restart, is executed.