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Samsung Shows A Twice-foldable Screen For Smartphones

During SID Display Week, Samsung's display unit notably featured a screen that can be folded twice, as well as a screen that slides out to enlarge.
The screen can be folded twice to be the size of a Smartphone or offer a 7.2 inch screen. .
Samsung Display on Tuesday unveiled an OLED panel that can be folded twice. The "S-Foldable", when fully stretched, offers a 7.2-inch screen. When folded twice, it transforms to reach the size of a classic Smartphone, details the Korean giant.
This display was one of many displays on display by Samsung at 2021 SID Display Week, which was held online this year.
A sliding screen
Other displays featured included the company's sliding OLED panel. In its normal form, the screen is equivalent in size to that of a conventional Smartphone, but a large part of its surface can be slid horizontally to increase its size. At first glance, the technology seems similar to what LG and TCL showed at CES 2021 earlier this year, but the technology was characterized more as roll able as sliding. This screen can slide horizontally to widen.
Samsung also unveiled a 17-inch, 4: 3 aspect ratio displays that can be folded to the size of a tablet. And finally, Samsung Display showcased its under-panel camera technology, where the front camera is completely hidden under the screen.
A camera under the screen
Samsung Display has not specified when these technologies will be released, but the under-panel camera is rumored to be featured on one of Samsung Electronics' upcoming foldable phones. Samsung is expected to unveil the successors of its foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2, later this year.
Beyond screens, the Korean giant also announced new energy management chips that will be integrated into its DDR5 memory module. These chips, S2FPD01, S2FPD02 and S2FPC01, will be built into the module itself rather than a motherboard, allowing for a more reliable connection to memory. In addition, they also offer better voltage control and better power efficiency, according to Samsung.