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Save Your IPhone Quickly Before Wasting It

Does your iPhone seem rusty or even obsolete? As a last resort, here is the emergency procedure to apply before going to the cash register to get a new smartphone.
However good the memory management is on iOS, it is far from perfect. However, there is a simple trick to clear the system's RAM without having to restart your iPhone.
This trick, which must be renewed weekly, works for iPhones equipped with Face ID and Touch ID, from iOS 14. It is also advised to do a monthly restart of iPhone or iPad which would be the best way to protect against malware.

Face ID iPhones

If your iPhone is equipped with facial authentication, there is no longer a physical button for the Touch ID function, and for the "Home" button. However, it is possible to add a virtual home button, an essential step for the next trick. For this, you will need to use the "Assistive Touch" function. This is an option that I recommend as it allows you to perform gestures such as pinching or swiping multiple fingers with one finger and offers quick access to various functions. Here are the three ways to activate Assistive Touch on iOS 14:
• Go to Settings> Accessibility> Touch>Assistive Touch then activate AssistiveTouch;
• Go to Settings> Accessibility> Accessibility shortcut then select AssistiveTouch;
• Ask Siri to "activate AssistiveTouch".
The first option is probably the best since it allows you to immediately add the home button to the menu, by going to "Customize parent menu". Just click on a button to add it. If it's not there, you can also take the opportunity to take a look at what the AssistiveTouch function allows you to do. This first step completed, it will be easy to empty the RAM of the iPhone. For that: • Go to Settings> General> Stop ;
• Press the AssistiveTouch menu and hold the virtual home button until you return to the lock screen.
To check that the application has worked well, launch an application that is already open: it will reload completely, as if you had just opened it, instead of returning to its previous state.

Touch ID’s iPhone

For iPhones with Touch ID, it's even easier. Here's how to do it:
• Go to Settings> General> Stop ;
• Press and hold the Touch ID button until the screen returns to the Home screen (typically about 5 seconds).