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Smart Deal: Use A 10 Euro Discount Code Now When Purchasing A Curve GPS Tracker

Now with a 10 euro discount: Curve, the smart GPS tracker, for a short time in the Amazon deal. preisboerse24
With Curve, the smart GPS tracker, you will never lose anything that is important to you again: whether a pet has gone astray, misplaced valuables or people you are worried about - with Curve you always know where something or what is who is. You can find all the advantages and features of this clever device here. It's worth taking it: there is currently a 10 euro discount.
Curve GPS tracker: Handy all-rounder with useful functions
It happened quickly: for a moment your thoughts were elsewhere and in a hurry you left the bag with the new notebook lying somewhere. In the café, for example, where you treated yourself to a coffee between two appointments? And what about your dog who likes to sneak off the property unnoticed while you are distracted? In the future, you will no longer have to worry about things like this, because with the Curve GPS tracker you are always well informed.
GPS trackers can come in handy in a wide variety of situations. In order to meet all circumstances and requirements, they are available in a wide variety of designs - a small all-rounder among them however, is the Curve GPS tracker with built-in Vodafone Smart SIM.
For a short time with a strong discount: Save 10 euro’s in the Amazon deal
It pays to be quick: You currently have the chance to get the Curve GPS-Tracker at a price of 39.90 euro’s plus 2.99 euro’s per month for the tariff (for a service that can be canceled on a monthly basis). If you tick the discount, 10 euro’s will be deducted from the purchase price at checkout. Incidentally, the discount is also available if you opt for the variant in which you pay 89.90 euro’s once - tariff costs for 2 years included. WITH THE SMART DEAL ON AMAZON SAVE 10 EUROS NOW:
All the features and benefits of the Curve
• No range limitation: Reliable and precise location through a combination of modern tracking technologies.
• Long battery life: Depending on the notification interval, Curve can last up to seven days.
• Zone alarms: If the tracker leaves the defined area, it sends an automatic warning message to your device.
• Instant alarm: press and hold the alarm button for three seconds and let family and friends know your location instantly
• Reachable anywhere at any time: The Vodafone Smart SIM works in over 100 countries, so you can always stay in contact with friends and family.
Individually tracked: Modify Curve according to your needs
Curve not only informs you about the whereabouts of your objects to be tracked. You can also use a feature to define and save individual tracking zones. Leaves Curve - i.e. the dog sneaks out of the garden or the partner has accidentally mixed up the key ring - the Curve GPS tracker alerts you via your Smartphone as soon as the object has left the specified area. Workplace, house, garden or neighborhood: you determine the range of the zones yourself. In addition, there are four different tracking modes available, which you can select according to your requirements and needs. Would you like to activate the real-time location mode in order to permanently know the exact location? Or do you prefer occasional updates at fixed intervals in order to be able to fully utilize the optimized battery life? The decision is yours. With Curve, the choice is yours.
Always connected to everything that is important to you at the push of a button
You can follow the tracking via the smart app (available for iOS and Android) on your Smartphone at any time and from anywhere. People who wear the tracker can also use the notification button to send location updates directly to the connected Smartphone - so you can be notified instantly. Especially helpful, if you want to keep an eye on your kids, who are exploring the neighborhood or looking after a relative who is no longer able to cope with everyday life.
More than just Bluetooth: distance? No problem!
You can use the smart app to locate objects anywhere and anytime on your smart phone. While pure Bluetooth trackers are more suitable for tracking down things in the immediate vicinity - for example a bunch of keys lying under a pillow in the living room - Curve trumps with its unlimited range. This is made possible by the built-in Vodafone Smart SIM. The integrated smart SIM card accesses the global cellular network and thus establishes a connection to the Internet - and thus also to your smart phone.
In contrast to a pure Bluetooth tracker, Curve can therefore establish a mobile connection to the Internet and ping location updates to your Smartphone, even if you are far away from your Curve tracker itself. The accuracy of the location is in no way affected by the distance.