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The Apple’s IPhone SE Is Already Being Imitated

The iPhone SE is just starting to get used to it. And as much to say that the latest reviews are positive, to say the least for Apple's latest smartphone.
The iPhone SE has finally taken in hand and as much to say that these are, to say the least positive. For most testers, it seems that Apple's new low-cost smartphone, which will be marketed for less than 500 euros in France, is establishing itself as "one of the best devices available at a low price today". Add to that the companies looking to cut costs while ensuring that their employees are always connected, the iPhone SE is poised to become a hit with the general public and business users.
From 489 euros, you will be able to benefit from the latest A13 Bionic processor, new camera functions, and autonomy that should be more than sufficient for most users, which makes it difficult to get started.
Fool with this iPhone intended for all limited budgets. Especially since the iconic Apple home button and the Touch ID are back on the latest smartphone from the Apple brand, which is not negligible.
In addition, the format of this device, whose screen is less than 5.5 inches, could make it appreciable for a large number of users tired of the phablet format in vogue in recent years. Admittedly, smaller phones are simply easier to manage, whether in the pocket or in use. Especially since this particularity should remain an exception while the market does not seem to be moving towards a questioning of this format in the near future, as shown by the recent launches of models like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus or the 8 Pro from OnePlus.
Finally, the latest smartphone from Apple does not have to be ashamed when it comes to the photo. Apple has indeed put in a lot of machine learning and AI to make the iPhone SE's camera take better photos than what we've seen with the iPhone 8. The biggest change it will take learning to manage could mean switching to a smaller screen, which will inevitably have an impact on the framing of your future creations. But for someone who has used a device similar to the old iPhone 6, you won't even notice it. Still, many more in-depth tests should soon appear to take stock of the performance of Apple's latest smartphone.