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The Lord Of The Rings: Highest Budget Ever - Now The Makers Of The Series Have An Issue

" The Lord of the Rings " made film history with its three parts. Director Peter Jackson's trilogy has a massive following to this day and is considered by some to be the best fantasy project ever implemented. Three more films were added later with the "Hobbit" trilogy, which, although they are justified, did not even come close to the quality of the "Rings" films . Meanwhile, Amazon Prime does not want to abandon Middle-earth, but is currently producing a series that will take place in the Second Age of JRR Tolkien's mystical world. So far, there has been fierce speculation about the budget, as a record sum of one billion US dollars has been talked about several times. Now, at least for the first season, there is also a dizzying amount, as Radio New Zealand claims to have learned.

"The Lord of the Rings" - A budget to rule them

In the course of production, Amazon is granted massive tax advantages in New Zealand. In return, the streaming giant pledges to spend around $ 650 million in New Zealand in the country. That's about 388 million euros - and only for the first season. More has never been spent on a TV or film production. The sum was named by the Minister of Tourism, Stuart Nash.
For comparison: The last season of "Game of Thrones" costs 90 million US dollars (about 75 million euros). With the massive budget, Amazon will probably not only produce the first season of the "Middle-earth" series. Rather, they will try to create an infrastructure on site with which it will be easier to work in the future and which will be able to produce further series more cheaply.
But even if further seasons should become cheaper: Amazon has to deliver now. The expectations of the streaming platform and the creators of the series, including director JA Bayona, are enormous, because nobody asked about this project. The tone among the fans is rather: "Leave the franchise alone. It's wonderful the way it is. "The events of the Second Age were described by Tolkien in the book "The Silmarillion". However, the 3,441 years are dealt with in a good 35 pages. Accordingly, the authors have to add a lot and whether that is in line with Tolkien's mythology remains to be seen.

That is what the Second Age is all about

The second age begins after the war of wrath between the forces of Morgoth (made up of balrogs, dragons, orcs, easterlings and many other monsters) and the army of Valinor. The world is being redesigned after the war, Morgoth's arms and legs are cut off, he is put in chains and banished into the eternal void. But in secret, Sauron takes the place of his former master.
From then on he covers Middle-earth with war, rules over large parts and founds his fortress Barad-Dûr in Mordor. The forging of the Rings of Power also falls into the second age, which only makes Sauron's rule worse. Elves and dwarves live in secrecy (the dwarves hide in Khazad-dûm, among others, Elrond founds the Rivendell refuge), many people are enslaved or killed. Far away, on the other hand, in the open sea, live the Dúnedain (the ancestors of Aragorn) on the island of Númenor. The island is raised from the depths by the gods of Valar - as thanks for the help of the people in earlier wars.
From then on they build ships and colonize the coast of Middle-earth. They help the people there to oppose Sauron and fight alongside the Elves against the dark ruler until he is defeated for the first time. But they are not allowed to sail in the other direction, because there are the immortal lands of the gods, Valinor. Frustrated that they are not allowed to dock there, they declare war on the gods in order to obtain immortality by force (the captured Sauron put the idea into their heads). When they dock in Valinor, however, the gods call their great father Ilúvatar, who redesigns the world again and sinks Númenor in the sea.
Only a few Dúnedain survive, including Elendil and his son Isildur. Sauron also escapes and flees to Mordor again. The remaining Dúnedain found the kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor in Middle-earth. A little later, Sauron attacks Gondor. The humans ally with the elves and the great battle ensues in which Sauron is overthrown and Isildur cuts the ring from his finger. The second era ends after 3,441 years.