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The Network Of Trump Supporters Disconnects AWS Parler

Following the Capitol riots and the supposed involvement of the social network in their organization, Apple and Google had already banned the application from their respective stores. AWS has decided to disconnect it from its servers.

The move comes after Google and Apple banned the app citing a breach of contract terms. Apple also cited a lack of moderation. It is not clear which Parler hosting option will be able to use. AWS is the largest cloud computing provider, with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. The Talking platform is seen as one of the means used to organize the Capitol riots last Wednesday. By completing the occasion, President Trump was banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks.

Amazon employees pressured AWS to disconnect Parler

Sunday (tomorrow) at midnight, Amazon will shut down all of our servers in an attempt to completely suppress free speech on the internet. Parler may not be available on the internet for a week, as we have to renovate everything from scratch. We have to prepared for such events by never relying on Amazon's proprietary infrastructure and building bare metal products. We will do our best to switch to a new supplier now as we have a lot of competition for our business, however Amazon, Google, and Apple have intentionally coordinated their efforts knowing that our options would be limited ... ”, stated John Matze in a commentary. publication on Parler Saturday. Amazon employees pressurize the company to disconnect Talking from AWS over its hate speech and its role in organizing the storming of Capital Hill. In a letter to Parler obtained by Buzzfeed and confirmed by Amazon, AWS explains that it has seen a constant increase in violent content on its site and that “it is clear that Parler does not have an effective process by completely with the terms of use of AWS services ”.

What John Matze said may indicate the existence of an emergency plan, but it should also be noted that the starting an introduction from scratch, and the possibility that the network will not be accessible for several days, up to a week.