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The Tech In Fab Platform Provides A Link Among Start-ups And Manufacturers

This platform launched by Bpifrance will be used to boost the investments of small and medium-sized industrial companies in French Tech, and particularly Deep Tech players.
The public investment bank Bpifrance announced Thursday the launch of the Tech in Fab platform to establish a closer relationship between the start-up ecosystem and industrial SMEs and mid-caps.
Based on the observation that manufacturers do not always think of appealing to young shoots, this platform wants to be "a door that opens" to the French Tech ecosystem, believes Hervé Gestas, CEO of Setforge, French industrialist present on the platform. For Morgane Guinot, co-founder of the start-up Mobility Work, Tech in Fab will allow “to provide a link of simplicity with manufacturers”.
For Bpifrance, this initiative will give rise to closer collaborations between the players. "French Tech has become a real major industrial sector and we must reclaim innovation", summarizes Paul-François Fournier, executive director of the Innovation department of Bpifrance.
For young tech companies, the initiative will allow them to "penetrate the biotope of industry," said Nicolas Dufourcq, CEO of Bpifrance. "To ensure the pivot towards Industry 4.0 and face the challenges of attractiveness, reindustrialization and decarburization of the economy, French Tech and French Fab must pool their strengths", affirms Cédric for his part. O, Secretary of State responsible for the digital transition and electronic communications.

Facilitate access to calls for projects

We find on the platform a catalog of Tech solutions providers classified by type ("operational performance and R & D", "development of turnover", "management of your employees" and "transverse functions") to help manufacturers to target their needs. Under each major category, themes are also listed in the menu bar. The Operational Performance and R & D division is, for example, divided into six groups: design and R & D, production line, supply & logistics, production support, maintenance and project management tools.
In return, tech players will be able to access calls for projects published by industrial SMEs and mid-caps. Tech in Fab also offers educational and explanatory content on innovation adapted to manufacturers.
"Industrial" start-ups represent 9% of the total of 15,000 French Tech companies, or 1,300 in 2020. While Tech in Fab is open to all young shoots, the public investment bank wishes to push Deep Tech players, through a partnership with France Industries. “These Deep Tech start-ups have genetics close to industrialists. They have significant capital requirements and global distribution networks, such as the need for a factory, for example,”explains Paul-François Fournier.

Bpifrance and France Industries target Deep Tech start-ups

According to Alexandre Saubot, president of France Industries, "cooperation between industrial companies and Deep Tech start-ups is essential to accelerate the transformation of the French productive fabric towards an industry of the future, more competitive, eco-responsible and resilient".
Bpifrance, which has been investing in Deep Tech for two years, indicates that it has already supported and funded more than 600 Deep Tech start-ups. Its objectives have recently been revised upwards, rising to 2 billion Euros in investment by 2023 (instead of 1.3 billion euros). In 2020, Bpifrance invested 221 million Euros directly in the capital of Deep Techs and 218 million Euros in funds specializing in Deep Tech. According to the public investment bank, this disruptive technology would provide 15,000 direct jobs in France.
To expand the network, France Industries also presented this Thursday the launch of a "Manifesto of large companies for start-ups", joined by 26 manufacturers - including Naval group, Airbus or Siemens - who will commit to “strengthen their support for start-ups ”, as well as the creation of a Tech Factory club bringing together 18 start-up CEOs.