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WatchOS 7.2 AndiOS 14.3 Are Now Available

As Apple launches its fitness service in select countries, new versions of mobile operating systems and their novelties are now available.
Apple released the software updates iOS 14.3, iPad 14.3, and WatchOS 7.2, respectively for its iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. These free updates include several new features, performance improvements, and enhancements. To install the update, go to Settings> General> Software update and click on "Download and install". It is recommended to back up your data first.

New Features in iOS 14.3

iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max owners will get a new feature, ProRAW, which will allow them to take photos in RAW format, instead of the standard JPG. This option allows you to better control the appearance of the final photo, with some touch-ups of course. To be able to use this function, it must be activated by going to Settings> Camera> Formats.
This update also allows support for the new AirPods Max, the 629 euro headset announced last week by the brand. While first impressions are positive when it comes to headphone design and sound quality, there is still debate about its high price.

Fitness of Apple Watch

Among the new features, Apple is also launching its sports subscription service, Fitness Plus. Using their iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV and Apple Watch, subscribers can attend guided workouts, tracking their progress through the Health and Activity apps. The service is currently only available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States. It is available on its own or in the Apple One subscription.
The brand's training program relying mainly on the Apple Watch, the update of WatchOS allows you to better check the cardio level. WatchOS 7.2 uses VO2max to measure the maximum amount of oxygen your body consumes during a workout. Prior to the update, these levels were measurable, but only when they were high enough, and only during a walk, run or hike. Now, the Apple Watch will be able to measure all levels of cardio, even lower, with each walk performed, throughout the day.
Thus, it will be possible to measure your VO2max and cardio without going for an intense training session. In the event of a low result, the user will receive an alert from the Health app with information on how to improve their fitness. As with the other health-related functions on the Apple Watch, you have to go through the Health application on the iPhone to activate this new function.