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WhatsApp: Innovative Trick For Annoying Voice Messages

WhatsApp voice messages are like phone calls with only one speaking. If that takes too long for you, the audios simply play back at twice the speed, thus saving time. WhatsApp wants to integrate the feature soon, we show how it works now.
WhatsApp competitor Telegram has a somewhat dubious reputation, but offers a variety of powerful features for better chatting. In Telegram, for example, voice messages can also be listened to at twice the speed - WhatsApp is now also planning to retrofit the function .
The feature was already available for a short time for users of the WhatsApp beta , but was then switched off again on the server side .
An alternative is the universal media player VLC , which many users have on their smartphones anyway. So if you would like to listen to WhatsApp voice messages at a higher speed, you can do so now with a little detour. For WhatsApp Web, the controller can even be retrofitted directly with the Zapp: WhatsApp Audio Speed and Volume extension .


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Listen to WhatsApp voice messages faster with VLC
WhatsApp voice messages can be listened to faster if necessary.
Nobody wants to listen to monologues that last for minutes if a text message or a quick phone call would be much more efficient. So that you can still play memos and at least save time, the detour via the VLC media player is currently the most practical.
Android users mark a voice message and then click on the share button, iOS users first click on forward and then on the share symbol. If you now open the audio file with VLC, playback begins. In the extended menu you will find the option to set the playback speed. You can drag the controller with your finger or switch it gradually faster and slower. In the future, the feature should be integrated directly into WhatsApp.